Zomerkamp 2017 – Janosz

Zomerkamp 2017 – Janosz


Greetings from Kosova

We would like to  thank you from our hearts for all your prayers and love for children (and their families)!   We had wonderful time in two camps!  Your prayers were present.  One of the best things that happened in this camp was that Sokol and his wife were so different and they received prayer and Skol did the salvation prayer!  And we could see that their eyes have changed during this days.  Avdyl was there with his family too, but his daughters got sick and metush needed to send them back after second day!  They are doing well now, praise the Lord!  We had lots of help this time at the camp, Pastor Al and Kathi came to minister to the adults and as well a Engjull and Claudia from Germany helped us!  And for sure Fatime and her son, Lendi and Jetmira did an amazing job with the children!!!  The wonderful thing was that one of the waiters got saved and asked for prayer as he was there all the time while we were doing teachings for adults!

In the youth camp we had wonderful time too, all the youth had to invite one or two friends that never heard gospel!  They all did that!!! Especially we are happy for Alsea 16 years old, she was part of our GNC but stoped coming for 3 years now…Jetmira asked her to join our camp and she came! She told us that she was planning to take her life as she was feeling sad and not belonging to this world…so sad to hear this from 16 years old girl…she said she thought she wouldn’t feel welcomed to our youth group… She told us that she is practising yoga, so thank you that you have teached us about it and we can share with her and tell her to stop doing that! Please thank you for teaching us new things, it was time from the Lord with you and Maria and people from your church we felt such love that really lifted up high!!! Thank you so so much

Tonight we are meeting at Pastors Alens garden for reunion of youth camp and we pray all of them will come tonight and as well every other Friday when we have youth meetings!

Lots of love and greetings

Nora & Metush Kaja



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